Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Real-Time Oscilloscopes Versus Sampling Expanded

I got such great feedback about the last post on the differences between real-time and sampling oscilloscopes that I thought I would expand those thoughts a bit for this post.

Real Time OscilloscopeSampling Oscilloscope
TriggeringNone NeededNeeds External Trigger
Trigger TypesPinPoint, Internal, ExternalExternal Edge or Clock Recovery
Max Sample Rate100GS/s*200kS/s
Single Shot?YesNo, Must Be Repetitive
Catch Glitches?YesNo
Record LengthUp to 500M points16000 points
Minimum Time Resolution10ps*10fs
Timing AccuracyGoodExcellent
Low NoiseGoodExcellent
Veritcal Resolution8-bits16-bits
Capability for TDR?NoYes
Optical Portfolio?LimitedExtensive
Top Bandwidth?33GHz70+GHz
Price for a 20GHz solution>$150k<$50k
Tektronix MSO72004C and Tektronix DSA8300

* Real-Time Oscilloscope in Equivalent Time Mode (operating similar to a sampling oscilloscope) can reach 10TS/s or 200fs time resolution, but same limitations of sampling scope apply (signal must be repeated)

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